Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bousquet tours constituency after Tomas

As always, Bousquet is in his constituency as often as he possibly can, taking into consideration the hectic Foreign Affairs Ministry’s demand. Upon hearing the weather announcement he headed down to his constituency to see first hand how the constituents were getting prepared.

Saturday October 30, 2010 found the Rep experiencing with his constituents, the raving force of hurricane Tomas.

Isn’t that the quality of a true leader, to be there with his people through thick and thin?

Come Sunday morning Bousquet was up and running with a group of volunteers, touring every community to see first hand the damage which persons had suffered and offering what ever help was needed – clearing roads, drains etc.

It was clear that the constituency has suffered major damage, roads were blocked, landslides were everywhere, and roofs were blown off. Major slides could be seen in the Village, Victoria, Saltibus, Jetrine, Daban, Morne Jacques and Roblot. Drains were clogged with debris and almost every where huge trees had fallen across the roadway.

It was a pitiful site. Taking a once- in- a -while glance at the Rep during this painful tour, one could see the pensiveness in him. This is nature’s work.

Seeing first hand the damage done, Bousquet had to report to his colleagues on his assessment of the damage and what relief would be forthcoming to his people. But wait! All forms of communications were down; the roads to Castries were impassable.

But check the ingenuity of the man. “I will travel by one of these fiberglass boats.” he uttered. Through some form of luck Lime came on for a short while on Monday morning and Bousquet quickly took advantage of this window and called in a chopper to take him to the city.

Follow this blog for the relief efforts.


Anonymous said...

We have always known Rufus to be a man or the people.
All before the storm the opposite side was everywhere,now you barely see them. Is that what we should support.
It will be interesting how he deals with the relief. Theother side's eyes will be on him.
keep it up rufus,god be with you.
Ps. What is so sweet is that he has been there throughout.

Anonymous said...

The opposite side WAS there!The SLP rep began giving out water to people before Mr.Bousquet so stop painting nice and unreal pictures of Bousquet! Everyone took the boat not only him...NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!
It's time you people start speaking the truth.


Anonymous said...

The silly season has begun!I don't known whether the previous writer knows what is real or truth, but I sure see Bousquet on the ground.Not the so called SLP rep. As you claim. We Choiseulians in New York are satisfied with Bousquet's work so far.

Sweet Sailing

Anonymous said...

I wonder how you know what Rufus is doing in Choiseul when you are in New York! :| Weird!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with second comment. Mr.Bousquet was choosing people to give his water...Why only give your supporters? and not EVERYONE! We ALL need the water not only the UWP's! In times like this, we don't choose-you represent everyone not only some people! The other side could very well be excused because they are not in government. It's the government's responsibilty to care for the people-so I don't see the point of saying 'the other side isn't there'! The 'other side' is not in power. That's the government's time to STEP UP and they are NOT doing that! They have fallen!

Anonymous said...

Blog author! If you don't publish my comments, I will publish it elsewhere. Why do you want to protect Rufus? Freedom of Information Act! We in the USA are sick and tired of what passes in St. Lucia for Government.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! I do respect Mr Bousquet quite a lot, i will not deny his presence in the constituency. However, i wish to ak the person who posted the first comment, who is the present rep for choiseul? He is the one who has to respond first as minister for choiseul. Lorne is not obliged to brief relief efforts to choiseul, so don't say now u barely see them. Lorne did just as much as Mr Bousquet. By the way, wake up and smell the coffee, you all are in for a big run this time, you all can't find a place for solace. HA HA

Uknowme said...

Wow..Even in this time of disaster,when urgent help and support is needed..we still put our food into a political plate..this is not the time to be picking sides,and/or throwing verbal jabs at each other.I think you'll agree that both Rep.s have, in some way assisted in the recovery of Tomas's damage.Truth is I'm a UWP supporter, and we Choiseulians in Canada are more than pleased with Bousquet's continuous involvement in the upbringing of Choiseul.As i go,I'd like to say "I love my country dearly and want the best for my fellow St lucians" , let put arguement and preference aside and embrace unity.