Sunday, December 12, 2010

Apology to our readers and followers

We want to apologize to our readers for the break in continuity of our articles.This is due to the lack of internet access in our area since the passage of Tomas.
Lime crews have been hard at work and they have assured us that internet access and phones should be up and running
By next week God willing.
However,reports reaching this blog speak of the negativity of the Choiseul Powerhouse as it relates to the District Rep. Reports suggest that the powerhouse should call itself the Lorne mouthpiece.
Upon reflection I have to agree when I think of who Cyberboss is.
As we stated our blog is here to highlight the achievements of Bousquet.
When the time comes for us to put pressure we will.
This post is being written using a BB.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was told about the powerhouse by an SLP supporter. Upon reading the blog I was taken aback by its attack on Rufus. Is this what people want to read about. People are fed up of this kind of writing. Cyberboss is going down the wrong road. By the way who is this Lorne (the mower) guy? Will the elite crew he has around him gain the confidence of Choiseulians? I think not? These guys are already against the youth by stating their objection against the stadium. Choiseul youth and the sporting public stand up against people who are against progress. We the youth of Choiseul will make Lorne and his crew pay for the statement posted in the powerhouse speaking against the stadium.
You all will pay big time at the next election. Mark my word.

The election result monitor.

Anonymous said...

Logical Pippin! Stop the blatant lies! You claim you have been down since Tomas. That was October 30/31. If you were down since Tomas,then how were you able to post on November 10, 12, 15, 23 & 28 - five times! Man, have some respect for the people! Please don't post when you are drunk!

Anonymous said...

Cyber 'foolish' Boss, Bolo is so stupid that he is delirious of the fact that the Roblot community has been without telephone since Tomas, and it is only now that repairs are being carried out.New lines are being run.I have been able to post using my son's BB which is so cumbersome. Bolo in his usual unorthdox fashion always sees fault in everyone but himself.
Please try looking through another pair of goggles in the mirror and you will see your true qualities.everything for you labour guys is a Maypwee. Come next year you will see who writes drunk.


Jetrine Jabber said...

Choiseul on the move posted an article asking about Lorne's connection to the powerhouse. Is there a connection or are you guys just copycatting Logix?

Anonymous said...

Let me remind you that it is called a BLOG for a reason! A BLOG is a place where you write YOUR OPINIONS on a subject so I see nothing wrong with the choiseul powerhouse writing whatever entries ON THEIR BLOG!! That's THEIR OPINION! If you have a problem with THEIR BLOG don't READ IT or stop your vicious informers from telling you what is on the BLOG! It's the same way you write YOUR OPINION or whatever...everyone has the freedom to do so....

P.S. There is no need to mention people's name either-disrespect.!!