Monday, May 04, 2009

Roblot Road Slippage

A section of the Roblot/La Maze Road which was already showing signs of deteioration finally succumbed to heavy rains which poured in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Residents of the community recently invited the engineer and assistants of the Vieux-Fort Branch Office to visit that particlar section of the road. After observation the residents were told that a soil sampling test have to be carried out after which a decision will be made as to whether a retaining wall will have to be constructed.
Well there is no doubt now that immediate action must be taken to alleviate this precarious problem.
To give early warning to pedestrians as well as motorists residents have set up red flags alon g the breadth of the slippage.
One can well imagine what problems this would bring especially at nights as the road is quite narrow and not illuminated.
The residents call on the Ministry to give immediate attention to this matter.

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RAY LESTER said...

To my observation, there should be no second thoughts about the construction of the retaining wall. Such a happening should be given immediate attention, if we should preserve the safety of the community people as well as vehicle drivers and passengers.
This road slippage also raise's thoughts towards whether a street lamp should be allocated in the area, in order to assist drivers and pedestrians when travelling in the midst of the night..
Our part to play as people of the community, is to make others aware of the situation, and co-operate with neccesary authorities in getting the problem rectified....