Monday, May 18, 2009

Bousquet Expresses Concerned

On Friday May 15, 2009 , Bousquet who is Minister for External Affairs was forcibly searched on the steps of an American Airline plane. According to an interview given by the Minister on DBS tv on Monday's Lunch Time Report he said there seems to be a concerted effort by certain persons to embarrass the government miniters.
Mr. Bousquet cited an incident whereby The Minister of Youth and Sports was stopped and searched as he was about to enter the Beausejour grounds during World Cup as Mr. Hilaire and Julian Hunte calmly entered without being seached.
It has been rumoured that the same girl who ordered the search on Bousquet also tried the same stint on the Prime Minister sometime ago,with no success.
Bousquet says he is fearful for he does not know what will happen next. "What guarantee that I have that someone on the plane may not tamper with my luggage and plant something in there that can increminate me." Words of wisdom? You bet it is! As of now Ministers and Government officials should be given full secuity privileges to insure that they are not defamed.
Speaking with the Leader of the Opposition after Cecil Frank's funeral Service, he told me "As soon as this happened I was informed......" Mere coincidence? You be the Judge.
The Constituents of Choiseul are outraged at that kind of treatment metted out to their Rep. They feel it's a deliberate attempt to frustrate Bousquet as he continues to do great work in the district.

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