Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bousquet Orders Two New Projects

The District Rep. once again has displayed his willingness to attend to the needs of "his people." Residents of Raveneau have for a long time now asking for an inner road into a small enclavement. This road they claim is necessary to enable the Ambulance to reach to the very last home there. Also it provides a proper pathway instead of the muddy track that presently exists.
The groundwork has just begun but heavy rains have delayed the work slightly. The work will be done in two phases, with the first phase due to be completed in two weekes.The first phase is estimated to cost about $30,000.00.
The other project which started on Monday was just completed. The heavy rain last week did considerable damage to a section of an inner road at upper saltibus (Barlelel) The road was immortorable. About 20 ft. of the road was paved with concrete. Works there was estimated at about $6,000.00
Now everybody is happy.

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