Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raveneau Project On Stream

The two -lane foot path/road that the District Rep. ordered to be constructed in the Raveneau community is well on its way. Persons are deligently and asisidiously working to to see this worthwhile project completed.

Speaking to the residents one said, " Bondieu ke voyeur Rufus. " meaning it is God who has sent Rufus for them. Another complained, "For years under the last administration we have asked for this road and nothing has happened, look Bousquet just won his seat and look what he has delivered. We are proud of him. He is a very empathetic person".

One only have to look at the blog dated May 16, 2009 to see the condition of the road these residents had to trod to get to the main road. Persons had to have two pairs of shoes - one for treading the muddy path and the second one to be used to dress up to travel to the town or city.

Bousquet has changed that.

Kudos to the MAN.

Bousquet in his 2007 budget speech he remarked, "People will remember me by the works I have done." Rufus is firing on all fours.

Look out for another project that have just started in Jetrine.

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