Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What a Xmas Eve it was?

Last night as I lay in bed with a burning fever I posted Merry Xmas greetings to all my FB friends, reminding them that just in case I am down today I would have been pleased that I sent the greetings. Today, I am sure, many, especially those with the other networks apart from mine, those with no battery charge are not happy for not being able to check their favorite social media. Soufriere is worst off as nothing seems to be coming out of there regardless of network.
Initially, although in bed, and sick, I was enjoying the loud music with no amps present, the christmas light show, and the free non-alcoholic drink that poured and poured. Fhap! Yo pwen light la. But the Xmas light show continued to light up the place and the a new sound effect was introduced to produced a whistling sound to the amp-less music. What a night is was!
It would take the next morning to realise the damage that was done: land slippage everywhere, fallen trees, fallen utility poles and the washed away Piaye Bridge - just to mention Choiseul.
At the Piaye bridge scene, a large crowd had gathered to witness the catastrophe for themselves. Persons stranded on the VF side of the bridge were taking risks crossing the raging river with the support of a rope tied across from bank to bank.
There is a power outage from Rivere Doree down to Soufriere and according to a LUCELEC spokesman, restoring the power may take some time due to the washing away of the Piaye bridge.
In my community, a few homes got flooded, the Lamaze community is cut off due to a landslide and there are numerous land slippage on the roadside in Debreuil.
Have this stopped the Christmas spirit in the community? Definitely it is not what it was last year. As I write I hear the sound of fireworks and the sound of a group of boys screaming at the top of their voice, 'Nwel la weva'
Apart from this, the sky is still gloomy, the wind still gusting off and on, all radio stations are off except Hot Fm and things are just quiet. Many of the expected family and friends who usually come down from Castries this time of year to make the place merry are not here.