Friday, December 06, 2013

Bolo "Pissed Off" With Lorne? "..... My Patience May Have Reached Dielectric Breakdown...." He Tells PM

Below is a letter posted on Facebook yesterday to the Prime Minister. This letter is written against the backdrop of numerous complains by the writer to get the relevant authorities to get a water problem which affects the community of Mongouge and its environs addressed. This letter is timely since at the last SLP conference in Choiseul the District Rep took more Jabs at individuals who oppose him rather than deal with the issues that affect the constituents. The leatter reads:

This is a little missive to you; it's not meant to hurt or
embarass you, even if it may sound a little angry. It
may just be that my patience may have reached its
"dielectric breakdown" point. After all, we are all
Mr PM, let me begin with the old saying that "the more
things change, the more they remain the same". Just
when we thought a solution to our water crisis was
struck, things became just as worse as quickly as
they got better.
In the past 12 days, I have received water once! Most
persons in my zone affected by the problem have
told me that they have received none at all and with
absolutely no explanation.
Mr PM, what's even more disturbing is the fact that
none of the key stakeholders has added a voice to
the ongoing water crisis. I hope it's not the case that
they are mute or afraid to speak about it head on!
They either seem to have recoiled completely into
their shells and seem to have taken a vow of silence or they have completely ignored the problem. The
responsible agency has stayed away completely with
apparently no interest in the matter.
Mr PM, at the recently concluded SLP constituency
conference, more time was spent defending the
parliamentary rep's absenteeism and poor
performance rather than the needs of the
constituency itself. The parliamentary rep himself
went on the offensive against his constituents, excoriating them because they spoke against two
major problems facing the constituency, rather than
launching an offensive on the problems we face. Up
to now sir, he has not seen fit to contact the affected
persons for feedback on the nature and gravity of
the water problems. Tell me, Mr PM, would you say that this is the
re presentation we deserve? Mr PM, it's approaching a year since I was told by a
top WASCO official that upgrade and improvement
works of the water infrastructure are 80% complete.
Every anomaly is being attributed to that "80%
complete" frame of reference.
Mr PM, I was a public servant and I understand very
well what "80% complete" means. It's an apology for
substandard service. The problem we face has very
little to do with the "80% complete. The problem is
lack of sensitivity.
I can vouch that the line feeding us has been
ruptured and throwing thousands of gallons daily
into the bush but because the nature of the terrain
poses access problems and (I believe) the lack of the
necessary strong supervision, such problems drag to
Mr PM! Apparently, while WASCO focuses on its grand
designs like desilting the JC damn (and I know you
would be pleased with that), the suggestion is
people like me in the deep rural areas can "go to
hell". It's precisely for reasons of that nature that, we,
the vulnerable and the oppressed can go to hell - but there's a time for hell for every body.
I wish Mr PM that after reading this letter that you
would post comment in earnest, for I don't believe
you subscribe to the prevailing state of affairs.
Indeed, if "Water is Life", then don't allow us to suffer
and then die!
Mr PM, I know you have a busy and difficult schedule
and I don't want you to micromanage anything;
more over, Choiseul has a capable but invisible
parliamentary rep. It is in that context that I, Bolo, Mr
PM, implore you to intervene and give directives that
will redound to the people of your colleague natives.
Please Mr PM . . Do it in the name of justice, in the
name of love, in the name of caring for your people?
You can reach me at 1-758-461-7056.
Thanking you in advance, Mr PM; and seasons


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