Monday, December 02, 2013

It's The Little Things That Counted

The rooster has finally come home to roost. That's how this blog sees Lorne's latest actions. In spite of him taking shots at us bloggers and social media users at the latest SLP conference in Choiseul, threatening us with the statement, "I will deal with them." these little things he said we write on facebook and blogs has finally brought him to his senses.
This blog has repeatedly called for his attention to the Roblot community and the rotation of supervisors for the STEP workers. Not that this blog is completely pleased with his latest moves to get into our good books, but it shows that the " macho" stands he took in the past seem to be dissipitating.
Two days ago two so-called contractors named Royden Theophilus, Lorne cousin, from the Choiseul Village and one Umbert from Tete Morne, where awarded contracts from Lorne's Office to construct 'curb and slipper' and 'box drains' in the community of Roblot. According to this blog's investigations out of twenty workers employed only two workers are from the Roblot community.
Can this be fair? Each contractor came into the community with their workers from another community, while our very own workers just have to stand by and look on. This brings to mind the incident that happened on the Canaries bridge back in 2012 when the Canaries residents prevented workers outside their community from doing works in Canaries. This is what should have happened in Roblot. God forbid. Selection of contractors for these small jobs, must be selected from the community.
This is not the first time that this has happened in polling division I5. Sometime late last year and earlier this year two contractors one from Reunion and the other from Grace in Vieux Fort, respectfully, executed contracts with workers from their communities while local workers just looked on.
Finally, the little things posted on facebook and blogs calling for less favouritism in the STEP programs did make an impact on this term's selection of workers, albeit because of a new supervisor for I5 in the person of Cecilia Cooper. At least we saw some UWPs in the group this time around.
Yes, Mr Rep, it's these little things that helped you pull up your socks up and step up to the plate.
Bravo to the blogs and social media. A force to be reckoned with.

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