Monday, December 09, 2013

The Roblot Multi-Purpose Centre Has Gone To The Dogs

Any serious and concerned citizen in any community or enclave will always strive for the good welfare of the people. He will put his neck on the block, challenge the relevant authorities, take unorthodox steps, just to make sure the constituents where he lives are taken care of with good representation.
Dr Augustin Charles quickly comes to mind. One will remember his constant pleas demanding that the people of his area are not made to suffer for a want of pipe-borne water. After much strife and callings, he finally reverted to writing an open letter to the PM, and by all accounts it seems that this plea was finally heard and soon water was gushing in the pipes in Mongouge and environs. Bravo Bolo!
Yes, it is the little things we write on facebook and the blogs that get things going for our people. These are the little things, which our Rep vehemently gave a bashing at the Choiseul Constituency Conference, that work for the Choiseul constituents. Although 'ROPE' (Representing Ourselves Par Excellence) has not yet been launched, the little things are getting things done.
This brings me to my frequent calls for some sought of security service to guard the materials of the Roblot Multi-purpose Centre since its devastation during Hurricane Tomas. One will recall a post earlier this year calling on the attention of the Rep.
The Choiseul Constituency Council must take full responsibilty for the present state of the Centre. ( By the way, isn't there a Councilor from Roblot?) According to the Council Act, all public buildings in a constituency are the responsibiltity of the Council to protect and maintain them.
Vandals, many of them known to the the residents have had a field day looting lumber, toilet facilities, doors, windows and galvanize and constructing little shacks near their homes, selling the materials to friends and/or stock piling at their abode. The pics clearly show the level of looting that has taken place.
One must not forget the frequent pleas by the residents and this blog in particular, to the District Rep to pay a visit to the Polling division I5 to see first hand the condition the Centre is in; And to take the matter up with the relevant authorities for consideration. For the two years in office, he has not seen it fit to tour the area. Lorne has failed everyone in this polling division - from the newly born to the just recently buried 92 yr. Old.
Today, at about 11:30 am, the police almost made an arrest at the Centre. The vandals were using the cover of the inclement weather to strip the centre of more flooring boards and galvanize. Shots were fired, but they, the culprits got away by fleeing into the thick brush that surrounds the Centre.
Lets hope the police are skillful enough with their investigations to come up with a conviction.

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