Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Better Bitter Days

Uwp political leader
    It is clearly evident that Choiseulians and by extension, Lucians are reeling under these tough economic times under SLP. While Labour boasts of keeping their election promises - the latest being laptops to form 4 students at all secondary schools, there seem to be deliberately form of amnesia when it comes to the promise where they were suppose to inject $1m into the economy and the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs.
     The re-employment on retirees by this administration, while school leavers scrunt for jobs is a burning issue among the youth. Also the policy of this administration to recycle its supporters in the STEP, NICE and other what have you programs is really hurting citizens in the communities. There seem to be a concerted effort by the administrators of Lorne's policies to keep  Choiseul UWP's down. They take pleasure in doing this.

District representative

  Just yesterday a young man told me that during Bousquet's tenure, more SLP's supporters got jobs than UWP's. He continued, 'You guys were trying to buy Labahs.' 'True bro.' I replied. On numerous occasions, I can recall when certain UWP contractors who had 'big contracts' one could visibly see more labahs at work than flambeaus. In one instance a Labah was even the boss on site. So it is not surprising that Bruce Tucker was kicked out. UWP's stayed home on election day, as a form of protest against Bruce Tucker.
   Bruce Tucker is now rolling his rosary in the political wilderness. But has anything changed? Has Lorne brought the promised goods to the people? Lorne's trickery will catch with him. And soon. It is alleged that his election crew have distance themselves from him. Mrs T, Mr V, W and most recently Ms I.
  To met out this kind of treatment to Ms I is showing the lack of sensitivity on the part our District Rep. The lady, under all kinds of conditions, making enemies, to have Lorne win the seat, and this is how she was repaid - fired from the position.
    As for Roblot' zeleves, there is one family whom does not even want to see where Lorne passes much less. That zeleve personally attacked my family and spread all kinds of rumors, all for Lorne, and today the Rep has turned his back on her. How ungrateful.
   The roads and the multi purpose center, in Roblot are in dire need of repair. Yet still Lorne was playing 'Santa Claus Bearing Gifts' when he came to visit the lady who recently gave birth to triplets. And giving the impression that these gifts came from him. Informed sources have confirmed otherwise.

Prime Minister
   Talking about Ti-canal under Bruce Tucker's reign? It remains to be seen that Tucker's construction of Ti canal and foot paths have grossly improved the living standards of the people. A fact. The same Ti canal labour was criticizing, they are at it now with the same Taiwanese money which they so vehemently opposed.
My God, what a bunch of Hypocrites! And talking about corruption; what about a party hack who was given a job by SSDFto lay out 56 cu metres of concrete on the Caffiere road and he only laid out 26 cu metres, yet he was fully paid. Is the DR blind to this.
    What's about the politician that turn contractor, and is more in Choiseul that his home community. Ask Lorne about that also?
   What's about Mr D who finds himself in the constituency every election to mamaguy people to support his side only to disappear and never to be seen again until next election? Ask Lorne about that as well. Heard that Lorne's cake and Mr D burn. Not surprised at all
It is alleged deal was struck with a known businessman and the Constituency Council over the purchase of a no good excavator for over $100,000.00. That was his payment for helping out in the elections. Ask the chairman of the Chairman of the Constituency council and the Rep about that.
   So dear reader, things ain't rosy in Choiseul. Yet Labour is still being allowed free reign in this country. Nobody opposes them, they keep on threatening the press with lawsuits, grynberg is being kept a secret, reckless statements are spewed out on a regular basis, all in the name of good governance. Far from it.
Uwp continue to dilly dally, by not putting caretaker Reps in place, by not having proper constituency branches, and it is just talk, talk, talk.
  Choiseulians may soon be happy when they will hear who their caretaker Rep is.
One thing for sure, he is a no nonsense person and not a Bruce Tucker. Impeccable reputation.
Mamai Choiseul, I present to you Mr ???????????????. Filmed at 11

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