Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Teacher Must Know Their Worth

An article taken from Caribbean News Now , October 10th edition. By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez.
There is no patriot greater than a teacher.
He/she is a caregiver who takes on the role of
mother and father
during the daylight hours
.They are instructors expected to deliver instruction
from the ministry's curricular. At night they have to balance family and research.
A teacher has to know their worth. In the eyes of a child, absolutely no one can defile
their teacher's character
Have you ever seen a child cry because you
showed them a new way?
One that might be better but they cry
. Oh! My teacher neva show mi dat way? Stop play you weh cause mi fi stray!
A teacher is an engineer
. They teach children culture and help them chart
their career.
Build character, he/she can also be a dream killer
by demeaning a child, they are creating monsters that may even grow up to be
rapists and murderer, rapist burglar. That's why they need help from the stakeholders.
A teacher must know their worth. Teachers build or break nations
.This is not my imagination.
They enable students to become independent.
When a teacher teaches a child to read, he/she is
planting a seed, opening the mind of child so they can succeed. A teacher has to know their worth. A teacher is a designer, there's no career greater.
They give children structure
. That's why in sickness or health, poverty or wealth
and rain or shine,
a child who loves his/her teacher won't wanna
miss school anytime. To him he/her, the teacher is divine.
They open the child's mind
.That's by design; some people in the Ministry should resign
. My teacher is a good friend of mine
. A teacher must know their worth when a system is flawed
. With all the research on record
, with all the doctors and lords,
and the powers that be, if they don't take stock,
the system will be corroded and start to rot.
When parents and ministry beat down on teachers, criticize
and blame them instead of revamping the system
in the interim
working by fantasy and whim
, a teacher has to know their worth
. Just like students, teachers must be nurtured, encouraged, rewarded,
accredited, complemented,
recognized, not only supervised, criticized and
by ministry and management
. A teacher must know their worth.
So I appeal to the Teachers' Commission, support
and revisit the curriculum
. Reduce the amount of subjects
. Make education relevant. Make them applicable to the country's needs
. I Recommend the reducing of school fees. Roll out night programs throughout the country
to reach the outta school pickney
. Let's go back to the three 'Rs'
Reading, writing and arithmetic; let's go back to the
foundation things critic.

The PSE results are horrific, it up to all of us to fix it, so our children through literacy can rise like

Teachers know your worth!

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