Thursday, January 31, 2013

Will the Doc fire "Stanix"?

News making the rounds is that a Government (senator) Minister may soon be fired by the Prime Minister. Reasons for his firing are not too clear to this blog, but it is alleged that it may have to do with a string of allegations about issues which took place in the USA. Hmmm!, smell a rat. If these allegations hold any water, wasn't the same Stanix that wanted to take Richard's head, probably, was instrumental in latter giving up on "Can you help me?"
This blog clearly recalls all the fussing by this administration while in opposition over the visa issue of Richard. But by now we are all aware of the cocomackery that took place at the US Embassy. Further Wiki Leaks gave a good account of what really transpired.
One did not have to go far to see the the pompous nature of Stanix as he held on to the position the Doc bestowed upon him in an effort to hurt Fredo. But the almighty have a way of dealing with vindictive snakes.
There surely must be great embarrament within the cabinet. This blog heard through the grapevine that Stanix is putting up quite a fight to prevent the Doc from sending him away. Will the Doc hold his perceived high moral esteem and dispatch of Stanix? This blog think he will, to save face.
So really is Stanix a match for Fredo? But mind you they maybe still pals and the prodical son returns home. Catch my drift?
Are St Lucians expected to see a cabinet reshuffle soon?
This time around this blog recommends Augustin Charles as the replacement senator. A little shuffling will find the right Ministry where his talent can be utilized.
Would he enjoy working with Lorne?
In closing, Labour has an embarrasment on their hands which will surely play out in the future. What goes around comes around. Ler bab camarad ou pwee defei wosey sa ou!
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