Monday, January 14, 2013

"STEP" scams uncovered.

Scams and more scams are being brought to the fore by the frustrated "en rouges" as they continue to fight among themselves for positions and contracts. Reliable info reaching this blog speaks to a new form of scam employed by the very persons who supervise, manage and select workers for "STEP" and the other forms of employments offered.
According to a disgruntled insider, " Garson, you en know wah happenin these days. The supervisors making two money. If you dere friend they making de people give you a job and when you get your pay you have to give them a cut." This is nothing new to this blog since in a previous post mention has been made of this form of corruption.
This blog carried out some investigations and found out from a worker who had been part of the scam and he revealed that he was offered a job on that premise and was only given a mere $300 for two weeks of grass cutting work. His supervisor he says did all the transactions - getting him the job, collecting the pay check, and cashing it in his presence.
Preferential treatment continues to be granted to children of supporters of "de party." Three or four jobs were created just before the Xmas season for girls of strong labour bent parents. In this community, the primary school, and three elderly persons were the targets. What is grossly unfair about the selection of the elderlies is that labour supporters were selected, while an elderly lady (lives alone) and who has been labelled a Uwp supporter was left out. And mind you, she is the eldest and confined to bed. Where is the justice?
Affirmative action by this administration continues to kill and divide a community. What is intriguing now is the fact that even in the "en rouge's" own camp division and back biting seems to be the order of the day.
Actually in the Roblot Community a bomb with a short fuse may soon explode as the labour hacks are at each other's throat.
The next "step" program may very well be the match to ignite the fuse to the bomb.
Filmed at 11.

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