Friday, February 01, 2013

RIP, Kirl Myers!

News reaching this blog speaks to the passing of Kirl Myers of Debreuil. This blog was reliably informed that she passed during child-birth. How sad. Kirl was hypertensive. Could this have contributed to her passing. This blog understands that Kirl had previously, due to this hypertensiveness to forego a C-section at a renouned hospital. Why was she allowed to go through the normal child-birth process? Didn't the doctors and nurses know about her condition? Are we talking about a form of malpractice here? A form of investigation, clearly is warranted here.
This blog extends its deepest regrets and condolences to the Myers family and Kirl's friends.
Kirl's daughter had this to say to her mum:
"Thats Keyana Writing... Mummy.. May You Rest In Peace ...I only got to give u a bottle of orange fruta and two dals before your is very unbelievable.. :'( i miss u soo much .... i miss rubbing your feet, wiping your tears.. being with u on the chair.. watching lmn.. your favorite channel... just hearing the things you said that you would do after giving birth... it was hard... now that you are not with me and my little sister... it was only a matter of time.. i had a conversation with you... and just hearing that u are gone.. makes me want to cry.. MUMMY I LOVE YOU.... AND YOU ARE GONE TOO SOON.. !! "
Quite touching. Kirl leaves to mourn, her new born, whom she may have not seen and two other children.
Rest in Heavenly Peace, my girl.
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