Friday, January 25, 2013

Rufus or Mayers for Party Chairman?

Takiing a page from my old man's diary it says never trust a polititian. And another one frequently used by those of us who have been burnt is that politician really think that we are fools and have no memory. In other words, they are bright and we are numskulls.
My trend of thought will lead you to see that day in day out, week in week out, year in year out, political term in political term out, the pseudo politions sing the same song. The polititions keep using us for their own good. We continue to give them a job to kick our a......
It brings me to the point that in an article posted on this blog a writer made reference to the past rep not fulfilling he promise to pay caterers and agents ( especially Delcer) for work done on election day. What makes it even worse is that this politician. Have never visited the Delcer/La Pointe/ industry area since he lost his bid for reelection. Like a fella told me in Soufriere yesterday, " Rufus must learn to respect people. He may have the money now, but he en have no power, and that I am happy about." Strong words.
Words making the rounds these days is that Bruce Tucker frequents the district regularly checking on his clowns with the intention of having them (degates) vote for him as chairman of the Uwp party at the convention slated for later this year. Man, you foo? Not over my dead body. Guy Mayers told me personally the he Guy is als vying for the post. Can you see day and night there?
What howver is intriguing is that he Bruce have managed to get his foot into the mouth of the executive of the constituency branch. Surprised? Therefore he can now manipulate them to select potential delegates to vote where he so directs them. But they fail to realize tha the divisal box. I1 must have. The greater number of candidates. They the puppet exec of the branch. Will be well advised to read the par's constitution.
Therefore no cocomackery this time around.
Up to this point in time no one is making an effort to find out where the funds for the Mini stadium lies. So, our money is somewhere in somebody's pocket and hat is just kool? Why haven't the branch exec. Found out where the funds are before accepting. Lectures from Bruce? Why haven't Lorne in all his bravado during elections and immediately after he won. Report to the Choiseul peoplee about the funds.( Did you know that the money was not even in the credit union?) Both Mr Mayers an Mr King have confirmed that the money was given to the past Rep for the project.) And shamelessly as the past rep is , he wnts to come back and ask Choiseul to put him on the Party's Executive as Chairman?
Why am I taking this stand now? I hate persons that are not straight and are bent on deceiving persons and by extension a district.
My dream stadium. Funds have vanished into thin air and no one is to be held accountable? What on earth is wrong with us. Borbol here, borbol there. Nou pwee en sa3.
Like I have always said. I was clean throughout my stint with Bruce Tucker and will continue to. Advocate against corruption. Our stadium funds will continue to linger in the minds of generations to come.
This blog will continue to keep this memory alive.
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