Friday, June 01, 2012

Does Lorne Carry Any Weight In "De Party"?

While most of the voiciferous supporters of Lorne seem to have taken a backseat now there are issues which they refuse to take a stand on. And while "De Party" continues in its Rambo style appointments of Ambassadors to various missions, the hacks in the Constituency fail to challenge Lorne to, for the first time, get one of our own as an ambassador. What an achievement it would be for Choiseul!
We have just recently heard of ambassadorial appointment to The UN, the Counsul in Martinique and for the Canndian Mission. In the pipeline are already apointments for the missions in Washington, and London.
My God! Did you hear who it would be to represent us St. Lucians in Washington? This is insane and it only goes on to show you the modus operandi of the Labour Party when it comes  to"job for the boys."
Even the wife of a top man in the party has been apointed to be an assistant ambassador. Where are we heading?.
Ambassadorial nominations are made by the party,s executive, takn to cabinet and the governor general approves the appointments. The question is it is most likely that Alva Baptiste, the second deputy political party must have put in a strong claim for his campaign manager to have gotten the party to go for his man as an ambassador. Granted, he made a case for his man>
This blog wants to reccommend Dr. Augustin Charles to the post of Ambassador to Cuba/Brazil. Yes, you read correctly, its Bolo.  And yes, while all the Choiseul hacks sit on their royals and cut each other down, they do not see what is good to be done in the interest of Choiseul - grabbers. Alva's boy does shave half of the credentials the our boy has under his belt.
This takes me to the next question. Does Lorne carry any weight in the party? During the period when Boards were being constructed left right and centre, did Lorne nominate any Choiseulian to any of these statutary Boards? Not to my knowledge. Bousquet made three - Brian to Housing, IE to Sir Arthur Lewis and Jimmy to the Soufriere Foundation.
Bolo to my mind will make an excellent diplomant and this blog calls on the Rep to make a case for Dr. Augustin Charles before the nomination at party level expires.
 For those inquiring minds Bolo and myself are on opposite sides of the political divide but that does not take away my respect for the man. I find that Lorne needs to buck up and show some political clout and get Bolo in there. After all Alva's choice is an injustice to the World of diplomacy.
In closing, let's all Choiseulians rally to get our Rep to give us a "Choiseul First" - Ambassador Dr. Augustin Charles.
Lorne, show your class and weight in  "De Party." Speak out for your people!

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