Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Nothing Doing 100 Days For The Rep

Today marks two hundred days since the Labour Party came into office or to be more specific it is now two hundred days since Lorne Theophilus is the Choiseul /Saltibus Rep. In a previous post this blog looked at his first hundred days in office and not much could be talked about with regards to performance. This second hundred days seem no differrent than the first. Maybe the Rep is still finding his feet.
Let’s take a look at his achievements in the constituency (if you want to call them so) over the past 100 days.
1.       Labourites STEPPED in style with a smile on their faces (the sour faces are back)
2.       The fish pond was cleared {since then it has refilled)
3.       Appointment of Village Council
4.       Retaining walls at LaMaze and Victoria (Rufus proposed projects)
5.       Non Visibility in the constituency
This blog notes with particular interest achievement number 5. The following is Lorne’s opening statement during the House debate on the Estimates of expenditure.
“Mr Speaker, I rise in support of the motion that the report of the Standing Finance Committee Mr Speaker be adopted. But Mr Speaker, before I embark on my contribution to this debate on the estimates, I wish to crave your indulgence Mr Speaker, for permitting me to specially thank the constituents of Choiseul/Saltibus for the support that was given to me in the general elections and I also wish to thank them for their patience, as for these past few months have been difficult ones for me as I adjust to the business of government and the workings of the ministries under my charge, which at times Mr speaker I must admit have precluded me from having the visibility I would like within my constituency.”
“I thank the people of Choiseul and Saltibus and reassure them that their trust in me and the St Lucia Labour Party is well placed and together with my colleagues in government we will weather every storm in our quest for better days.”
Pay special attention to  highlighted section  of what Famkidou, a Lorne supporter once said. 
  • Famkidou Aimable: This is what i was talking about. This uplifts this wbpagee, showing a man with great humility, one who genuinely cares and who will bring help raise the standard of all choiseulians and not just some. Thanks webmaster for considering my suggestion.

    Guess she must be choking on these words now.
People’s patience has run out and this blog is confident that by now the Rep has adjusted to the business and workings of government and his ministries respectively. So why is he not more visible?  Does he believe that the Village Council can do his work for him?  Recently the Council visted the residents of Roblot asking the people what they would like done for them. What madness! Council barely gets a subvention of about $25, 00.00 quarterly. Puppets of Lorne trying to make amends for his lack of visibility. The people voted for him not the Council. Is it true that our Rep is already contemplating to run the Gros Islet seat comes next election when this constituency will be divided in two?  And it is also alleged that he the Rep will smartly pass the baton to Edgar. Choiseul, wake up! 
Many of the “en rouge” fans are vex. What they were expecting seems to be a fleeting illusion. In every single corner of the constituency supporters as well as non-supporters of the Rep are clearly showing their outrage at his non visibility stunt. Frankly this blog thinks that the Rep does not care two hoots about Choiseul. Choiseul was forewarned. Lorne needs to step up to the plate or step out.
Y.E.P. Lorne spelt out that H.O.P.E. will make Choiseul S.M.I.L.E. as they S.T.E.P. in style. Choiseulians  are yet to see the commencement of the youth agricultural program, the Constituency development program, the Koudment St lucie, the footpaths and the rest of the programs he so eloquently mentioned in his presentation in the House.  His cronies will argue give him time but really the rep has started on the wrong foot by not making his presence felt in the constituency.
It will be very interesting to see the number of projects and programs for Choiseul that the rep mentioned in this year’s budget that will be achieved. This blog has been making the point that Lorne was given Choiseul on a silver platter, meaning that almost all infrastructural works was completed and his duty now is to develop the human resource
 Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Actually it looks bleak. Another disappointing 100 days. More to come? Your guess is as good as mine.


Anonymous said...

You have it a little wrong Boss Logix. Oh Yes! Choiseul was due to be separated into two constituencies but Mr Lorne messed up the Labour Party; and I'm certainly sure Kenny is not happy! At first, Lorne focused on the Eastern zone (Saltibus/Gertrine/Piaye/Roblot/Cafeiere)and left the Western zone for Edgar. He even chose the Chairman of the council from there. Lorne believed that the Eastern zone was easier to win. Now, the ground has become very slippery and its his own his fault. There is turnarounds in both zones and its happening fast. The SLP is losing ground rapidly in both of them. Choiseul is now a swing constituency. Only a stupid politician thinks otherwise! Except for Forgotus John (thanks to his dynamic team), no other politician has taken the seat twice (one behind the other) since 1982. Brian took it in 1982. Calderon took it in 1987. Bousquet won in 1992; Fergy won in 1997 and 2001; Bousquet won again in 2006 and Lorne won in 2011. The pattern and trend is clear. In each case, the incumbents lose in their first hundred days because their supporters feel a deep sense of betrayal after all the hard work they did.

If Chioseul Saltibus is divided into two seats for next Election, Labour will lose both. mark my words.

Choiseul people dont like anything second-hand; they didn't vote for second-hands. They voted for a candidate to represent them and very soon after he won, he walked out on them and everything in Choiseul turned back to front. Even "LORNE" have now become "ENROL" All he does is trying to enrol second-hands to do his work for him while he sits in his Minister's castle. he is not the foreign minister and he travelling everyday. He has no time for the poor people of choiseul. I understand it is only the big boys he does see.

By the way, what is wrong with the "CHOISEUL POWERHOUSE"? Why is it so quiet on the ENROL Boys? Is he part of them? Or Is it the calm before the storm?

There is a very interesting observation. Lately, he has not written nothing about Lorne? Why? I suspect Bolo may be fed-up and or he is the secondhand man in-chief. but I don't see him in the consituency. has he got a new job?

one thing I can say is Dr Bolo has no sense of political loyalty, so lets see what happenss.

Anonymous said...

You will soon keep your mouth shut Dedan. You are one of those who is still trying to sing for your supper. Nothing you or your operatives say will break us down. It still seems like you cannot come to terms with your loss. The labour party does not operate on a flight by night basis like the former government. Give Lorne a break! Stop attacking people you will soon pay for your tongue.

Anonymous said...

Yea Logix Famkidou take a swipe at Dedan.I hope Dedan en Mash her up. She en know Dedan man.