Monday, June 25, 2012


  Last evening saw the commencement of a weeklong series of health lectures hosted by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The lectures according to the Church officials attempt to sensitize the residents of Debreuil, Roblot and LaMaze communities about basic health issues with a bias on Diabetes, Hypertension and Cancer.
Co-ordinator of the program, Mr David Thomas, welcomed members of the public who assembled at the Hot Spot in Roblot for the opening session. After a brief welcome and prayers, Pastor Figuhr the gentleman who would be delivering the health talks was introduced to the audience. He is a Health Evaluator and Life Skills Counsellor who is attached to the Seventh Day Adventist Churches.  A Dominican by birth, he has been living in St Lucia for the past thirteen years. Pastor Fabian also hosts a program on the local  radio station “Praise FM.”
Pastor Fabian, as he is affectionately called by the church elders coined the day’s talks as “New Start in Life.”  He inquired into the availability of local fruits and urged the audience to make them part of their regular diets. He went on to inform the gathering that high cholesterol; high fatty and high energy foods destroy the body. "The NEW START in life program" , he continued, “is based on eight (8) principles.” The letters in “NEW START” he said can be taken to mean as follows:
With Nutrition he advised one must be careful what and when he eats. En passant he mentioned briefly the importance of the variety of fruit colours. On exercise he stressed the need for a daily routine. “Good diet and exercise,” he emphasised, “are the two most important ingredients for good health.” One should drink about one 8oz glass of water per lb of body weight per day he insisted. He mentioned briefly the acidity and alkalinity of water and how this can affect the growth of cancerous cells.  Surprisingly he echoed, “Wasco water is the best water.” When quizzed about this statement he was quick to mention that he was talking in terms of the PH of the water.
The production of Vitamin D by the skin when exposed to sunlight he says helps the body utilise calcium. A study done by the Harvard University he says suggests that sunlight can reduce the risk of cancer in humans by as much as 30%. Sunlight kills germs he went on to say. The negative ions in the fresh country environment air helps to rejuvenate the body.  Temperance he said is to use everything in moderation. Abuse of anything whether good or bad is unwise and not to the body’s benefit. “Use what is good in moderation.” He cautioned the teenagers in the audience. “Marijuana, Coffee, tobacco and alcohol do a lot of harm the body and you should stay away from these substances.” He further warned. Trees he says help replenish the oxygen in the air. He carried out a short demonstration where he taught the audience how to ventilate the system with deep breaths..
Our bodies need rest and sleep between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am do a lifetime of good to our bodies Pastor Fabian says. He says that it is during this period of deep sleep that the body tones and heals itself. All of these principles would really be unachievable if we have no trust in God. We must be thankful for whatever God has given to us.
Numerous persons from the audience engaged Pastor Fabian in discussions as well as pertinent questions on health issues. The lecture was brought to an end at about 9:15 pm. The lectures continue on Tuesday and will run until Friday. All lectures start at 7:00pm.
In closing the Pastor promises to talk on Diabetes, Cancer and Hypertension during the week. According to the co-ordinator,” It is our aim to reverse diabetes.” That feat he boasts is already being achieved in a number of St Lucians. Nice to Know.

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