Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reunion problem to be solved

One has often wondered what the previous District Rep did in relation to the flooding that was occurring near Sally's place. For nine years he slept on the matter. Questions! Was he in bed with the owner of the land on the opposite side of Sally, or was the guy a party hack that he could not be touched?Did he ever approach his government to address this matter? Just asking questions.
   For nine long years,especially when it rains children on the Le Riche,Savanne George side, attending the Reunion Primary School could not cross the high water which accummulated in this area, to get to the school. They had to go round through the village to get to school.  Motorists had to turn back and take another route.Wasn't that pathetic?
Bousquet has taken up the challenge in two phases. 1. He as gotten drains dug to alleviate the problem (pics show that) and 2. Presently works are underway to pave these drains to carry the water to another exit (pics to follow).
   This is a man of vision. When we talk about being in the interest of the youth,Bousquet stands out head and shoulders above any politians to ever represent Choiseul. A fact!

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