Sunday, March 13, 2011

The La Maze Tsunami

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One comment on the blog did make mention of Rufus making a footpath for just three votes. Dedan reponded to this annonymous writer by tellig her (notice I said her and not him) that it is three votes that they lose.
Well presently there is a tsunami of works going on in La Maze paving the way for surfacing of the road from the La Maze - Montete junction to the dead end inside La Maze.
This communtiy road has been an eye sore for years. Now 'the man for Choiseul' has come to put things right. Drainage works are nearing completion. Over ten contractors, hiring over a total of seventy workers are on site putting the final touches for preparation to pave the community road. ' PROGRESS. '
This for Ms.. Annonymous. Is this for votes as well? If yes, kindly say the totol. My calculation is, all of La Maze.
Guess you and your cronies running scared big time now.Take care that this Tsunami drown the Lorne's Labour crew.

Dedan C.G.Jn.Baptiste

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