Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Massive project

Bousquet is firing on all eight cylinders at present. In the works is a massive project in the Industry community where the Industry road is being linked to the Delcer road.
 The entrance on the Industry end is just below Dominique's body-work shop,and the exit on the Delcer side is a little above Jack's disco.
The residents living between these two road are impressed with the work being done. At my last visit to the area new pipes were being laid for the persons who already had pipied borne water... during the excavation a lot of these pipes where damages. Big boulders which lay in the centre of the roadway are being jacked hammered t make way for vehiles. Isn't that amazing?
It clearly show that Choiseul is developing at a rate never seen before. Can you imagine being by Enbar Caco Disco and want to head over to Jacks... a short route,compared to driving all the way up to the school and back down. Progress galore!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Progress galore my foot! Why wasn't that done over the past four years. All of a sudden projects here and there. This will not fool us this time around. Project or no project his time is up!

Chubby said...

Great Job. Now Jacks and Aruba can parade in their homosexuality on the surface of your new project, compliments, MP Ti Canal. Da man get desperate. Why he don't give the people on the land Title to their share? MP Ti Canal only going in areas where the IQ is low, why don't you come to Mongouge with your cheap political tricks. Remember I was close with you all and I know what you giving.