Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another footpath in Delcer

Residents lower down Jacks' Disco to my mind really needed this footpath. I walked the route and could not believe where I was walking.
The paved one-lane 1.5M wide path with start at the bottom of Jacks' Disco, near his sister and end at the main road higher up the the other disco at the top of the sea.
While the contractors were quantifying the project many residents were expressing joy.
One female resident remarked, 'nous tout en kai la, kou sa la say Rufus nous ka wei.'
May be this is her way of repaying for the great work to be constructed right infront of her yard.
This is a well deserved project by all means.
Once again uplifting the standard of living of the people.


Anonymous said...

Choiseul will soon be called the footpath capital.What's up with the Bruce Tucker stand?

Anonymous said...

Is that what we the people of Choiseul deserve? only foothpaths what about the major roads, we were fooled once not twice

Chubby said...

There goes MP Ti canal again. I thought the Lansiquot epidemic was a thing of the past but now I see the disease making the rounds in the Flabeau government again. This is probably the most prevalent in Choiseul with MP, Ti Canal. I ask myself why Dedan is foolishly abusing his toxic remnant playing paparazzi role for an MP hopelessly trying to steal votes. This gas money can be used to buy your much needed medication for your ailing body. You have a family so lift your head and disassociate yourself with a selfish, arrogant, dishonest and corrupt Minister. If the MP has so much money to build footpaths here and there why don't he put this money into central Government so MOCWT&PU can undertake the necessary projects and competent people will execute the works. Then the state can benefit from taxes which can be used to create better avenues for the younger generation. I mean the only person who stands to benefit from this Ti Canal Principle is Rufus. The person who gets injured from traversing these substandard paths/canals cannot turn to Government for compensation. The physical damage to property that some residents in these communities will obviously experience especially in times of bad weather will be for them to deal with. The Government will not take responsibility since these Ti canals are Rufus owned & not Government. Dedan why you and other blind disciples of this MP ain't realizing that the man just using you all to get votes. He doesn't care. The man publicly supports Gaddafi and his regime - a man who is responsible for the death of thousands of innocents. What more must Tucker do so you Poodles can see his true colors. Ask yourself: Can Rufus hand out money to 1/4 of the suffering Choiseul? No, Just to Ar_ba, H_rac_o, J_ck_e, C_X, and a few others. Strangely, this blog seems to associate all criticism here from their rival blog but beware of me. I am Chubby - not from your rival blog - but I commend them for a job well done. You all know me and I am forever in your midst especially when you all seek comfort in each other because of your unscrupulous clandestine operations.

Dedan said...

Mr. Obese Chubby, I can see clearly now that you guys are running scared. It was foolhardy of you Dalmations to have ever thought Rufus could be beaten. How myopic you have been inspite of your 3mm thick goggles? You guys criticise left right and centre everything Bousquet with the notion that it is to steal votes. The question which comes to mind is,what are you doing to steal votes? Is it the persistent character assasination of Rufus on your blog? Is it the handouts you give to the youth to intoxicate their minds? Is it the lies you go around spurring from your wagging tongue? What can you show to prove your worth to the people that you have a better Rep than Rufus?
The writing is already on the wall. Check yourself, not Dedan.
I'm already celebrating. Let me tell you a litle secret,election date will come to you as atheif in the night. Don't get your horses too tired least we catch you all worn out.