Monday, December 13, 2010

Does the Powerhouse reflect Lorne's views?

The comment written by an anonymous person talking about the powerhouse being against the mini stadium inspired this article.
Reports reaching this blog speaks to an article written by cyberboss condemning the constructiong of a mini stadium at the La Fargue Grounds. Question, is the views of cyberboss who is also the campaign manager for Lorne reflects Lorne position on the issue? It would be foolhardy of Lorne to stand in unison with cyberboss on this matter.It would be wise of Lorne to issue a statement disassociating himself for this statement.
If I know Lorne well enough, he is a sportsman with immense talent unlike his campaign manager who has had little or no success in the sporting arena. Doesn't Bolo know that the sporting public is in dire need of such a facility? Bolo has never been interested in the development of the sporting skills of the Choiseul youth. To denounce the construction of this facility for the youth speaks volumes of what the SLP camp thinks of Choiseul youth.
Bousquet has sought assistance form the governments of Morocco and Spain in the sum of $911,000 which now sits in an account managed by the Choiseul Village Council. The target is $1.5M.
Cyberboss (Bolo) is only hired to manage Lorne's campaign not make policy statements for the guy.
This blog wants to know whether Lorne is in agreement with Bolo' statement. The Choiseul youth and sporting public need to know, and soon.No gimmicks.


Boug Ville said...

Interestingly, I only now find out the author here - Gilo. Although we know each other quite well I must disagree with you here. I mean you are accusing one side of throwing "mapwee" and yet you are treading a similar road. I read both blogs and it would be fair to state that the "Powerhouse" has never condemned the building of the Mini Stadium. In Fact the blog begged answers such as:
1. What was the source of funding - it should go through the facility provided by Government and transparent for all to see. We need to be prudent.
2. The repairs to the social, economic and physical aspects of the Choiseul Community takes precedence. The project can wait since people have been immensely affected.
3. There seems to be some level of information withholding about the project thus far on the part of Mr. Bousquet and his team.

I think the concerns are legitimate and you could seek to enlighten us readers on them. Personally the source of the funding concerns me. Funds from foreign government to St. Lucia should go through the right (transparent)channels. To date I've done some research and I just can't seem to come up with any piece of information from Government about receipt of the said monies. These things should concern Nationals "you and I". We are not here to allow Mr. Bousquet or Mr. Theophilus take down the integrity and pride of Choiseul. Brother lets not play games with that.

Anonymous said...

I seriously think that you Gilo need to check yourself and style of campaigning. This blog is not the forum for you to do more untold damage to our rep. When will our rep wake up to see that you and your issues with Bolo are not central nor important to our campaign. These personal attacks are not going well with our people

Dedan said...

It is rather interesting to note that you care about Bolo who to my mind doesn't care two hoots about you. My blog is four yesrs old and have always promoted Bousquet's achievements and nothing else. The powerhouse,created by Bolo, once it came online have been critical of Rufus with all kinds of maypwee and the like. You also know what is Bolo's position in Lorne's camp.Is his style of campaign proper? My blog will always stand for Rufus as that is what is was designed to do. Stop hiding behind anonymous.Before you post your comment check the name bullet and type in your name and the we will chat.I have not even started,just getting warmed up and you are already peeing in your pants.And finally Bolo is my partner.if he attacks me I do him back in kind. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with you. You dont think before you act or respond.You proved my point. Read my comment and you will see that I was offering advice. Why should I pee my pants. Direct your efforts to the other side not your own, if you are smart enough to know the difference.

Anonymous said...

You pretend to care so much,yet you hide behind anonymous. I have a pretty good picture as to who you are and please stop your hypocrisy.Take swipes at cyberboss for the foolishness he posts against Rufus and show your true colors.Your IP address is well known to my system so stop fooling around.I am still posting using my BB and it's a marwears. Would have let out a little secret to you but ahwah. Try posting on another system to see if you can bluff my readers
surely not me. Are you being paid to do this? Just curious!

Ps the BB won't open the name box so my name is below the message