Monday, April 19, 2010

Today is Budget Day

The island's Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Honourable Stephenson King will deliver the much anticipated 2010/2011 national budget on Monday April 19.

This has been confirmed by the Clerk of Parliament Mr Kurt Thomas.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the GIS, Mr Thomas said the Office of Parliament has made all the necessary preparations for the prime minister's budget presentation.

“The itinerary for the 2010 budget which will take place on Monday April 19, begins from 8:30AM with the meeting of the Standing Finance Committee which is an informal session of the House of Assembly. At 9:30AM members of the public who have been invited will be seated. At 10AM there will be the formal opening of the House of Assembly to be followed by the formal opening of the Senate. At 10:45 the Governor General will make her arrival and thereafter inspect the Guard of Honour; subsequently, she will meet in joint sitting with members of the Parliament and the Senate to deliver the throne speech, At 4:30 in the afternoon the second sitting of the House of Assembly will commence where the Prime Minister will deliver the budget address,” Thomas explained.

On Wednesday, April 21 and Thursday, April 22 will be the formal debate of the House of Assembly. These meetings will begin from 9AM on each day respectively. The Parliament Office encourages members of the public to tune in to view or listen to the proceedings of the House of Assembly on these days.”

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Honourable Stephenson king has indicated that the 2010/2011 estimates of expenditure will seek to stimulate economic activity in the country and re-energise and excite the populace.

The District Rep is expected to make his contribution on Thursday 22nd.
Tune to the link on the left to follow the opening ceremony and the Rep's contribution.

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