Monday, April 05, 2010

Bousquet Assists Jetrine Sports

Sports organisors in the community of Jetrine organised a small goal soccerarama to raise funds for the construction of a field in their community. This community in spite of producing quality sportsmen do not have a playing field.
 It appears that a small section within an area airmarked for a field was leveled so that the soccerama could take place.
 The soccerama was well attended by persons in the community, who came to cheer their favourite team.
Bousquet, although booked to travel to England that Sunday, made time to  be at the game to present trophies and  a monetary prize to the organisors.
 In his short address the District Rep assured the sportsmen and women that a field will be constructed immediately after the budget. He told the gathering that plans are already afoot to get the place upgraded to accommodate bigger games. That was met with loud cheers from everyone.
 One of the organisors, in his typical pessimistic demeanour, said that this community has been promised a field for ages and nothing has materialised, however he is there to see Jetrine get a field.
 Bousquet, who was already running late for his flight left with the organisors two trophies and $500.00 to be used during the prize-giving ceremony at the end of the game.
Receiving the donation from Bousquet was the captain of the Jetrine Football team. In his gladness and gratefulness the capain thanked the Rep and went on to welcome the Rep's intent on getting the sporting  public a long deserved field.

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