Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minister Bousquet compliments Taiwan medical volunteers

Honourable Rufus Bousquet, Minister of External Affairs, International Trade and Investment, spared half an hour on 12th April, 2010, to receive with eight medical and nursing volunteers led by its Team leader Dr. Luke HUANG from the Changhua Christian Hospital(CCH), Republic of China (Taiwan), who arrived 2 days before to serve at St. Jude Hospital for a period of three weeks. Minister Bousquet warmly welcomed their visits on behalf of the government and expressed his heartfelt appreciation for their volunteerism and expertise at the time of serious manpower shortage when many of the overseas volunteers had cancelled their trips to St. Jude Hospital after the fire destroyed the surgical building of the Hospital in September, 2009.

This is the 3rd delegation of medical volunteers form CCH since CCH signed a twinning agreement with St Jude Hospital in July 2009. It is composed of: Dr. Lin, Hsiao Tsu, Obs/Gyn; Dr. Chang, Ing-Lin, Orthopedics/ER; Dr. Lai, Kuan-Ju, Internal Medicine; Dr. Yu, Wan-Nien, ENT; Ms. Yang,Chuan-Chuan, Emergency Nurse and Ms Hu, Chen-Chen, Operation Room Nurse. They are accompanied by their Team leader, Dr. Huang, Luke, Coordinator Dr. Nina Kao, His Excellency Tom Chou, Ambassador and Ms. Susana Huang, Third Secretary.

Ambassador Tom Chou expressed his appreciation to Minister Bousquet for receiving the delegation amid his busy schedule. The wonderful experience of the previous 2 groups encourages more doctors and nurses of CCH to join the volunteer programmes in St Lucia. Along with the 3rd group there are 2 reporters of FTV (Formosa TV, one of the most influential TV stations in Taiwan) to cover the volunteers documentary. Ambassador Chou pointed out that this delegation being warmly received by high ranking official of the Saint Lucia Government will encourage more medical volunteers from Taiwan to visit St Lucia.

Minister Bousquet indicated that he was touched by the spirit of sacrifice from the Taiwanese volunteers. They went through a long wearing journey from Taiwan to Saint Lucia to help the St Jude Hospital. They will not only make a great contribution to the health care service of Saint Lucia, but also help strengthen the already cordial relationship between Saint Lucia and Taiwan. Minister Bousquet hoped Ambassador Chou could convey his appreciation to the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

After receiving the delegation, reporter of FTV interviewed Minister Bousquet about the impact of medical volunteers of Changhua Christian Hospital among other topics.


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