Friday, April 23, 2010

Morne Sion Youth Group Get Sports Gear

There can be no doubt in the minds of the youth of this district that their District Rep has their interest at heart. On Saturday April 10, 2010 Bousquet, at a presentation ceremony in Daytoo Kanarwee, in the community of Morne Sion, presented the youth group with a package of sports gear, valued at over $2000.00.
Mc Arthur Phillip, the District Communiy Officer, who is fastly becoming the top MC in the district,opened the ceremony with brief remarks. This was followed by Mr. Osman who welcomed the Rep and his entourage as well as the gathering. He showered praise on the Rep for making it his duty to be in this lovely community for this momentus occasion.
 The President of the youth group,  Greg Peter, gave a brief history of the group and its achievement of late.
The Parliamentry Representative, in his address reminded the group of the need for discipline,dedicaton and perseverance in their aim for perfection in any sport. He emphasised that he will always be there for them and told them. Minister Bousquet explains that the youth will become responsible and productive citizens only when their leaders furnish them with the tools necessary for their success.

“We have to do everything we can to make them understand their role in society. The sports clubs will teach them basic skills: how to be responsible, how to come out and work as a team, how when you say something, you must do it; this is the basis of club organisation.” “I am giving something today to make a start, but what really makes me happy is when I can see young people go out there and help themselves as much as possible. I want to see you organise a little car wash to make some money; similarly, the people who are allowing their vehicles to be washed should support you in any other way that they can.”

 He continued, " I know you want a field, but you need to identify the lands and government will put the neccessary ools in place to have your dreams come true." In his remarks he took the oppurtunity to inform the gathering that works on the driveway proposed for this community has been approved and that works will commence in the coming weeks.
The vote of thanks was moved by last year's carnival queen contestant from the area, Anika Peter. On behalf of the club  she expressed their gratitude for this timely presentation. She lamented the fact that it has been very difficult to raise money to buy gear. She boasted of some promising cricketers in the club who have to use locally made bat to develop their skills. "Sir, we will assure you that with this gear presented to us today, we will win next year's domestic cricket competition." she remarked.
Earlier, during one of the  MC's plugins, he made a historical point when he said, " Some may not like to hear it, but  it is true. Way back in 1993, Mr. Bousuet said, when Choiseul cricket is strong, St. Lucia cricket will be strong." This, Mac said, has come true. He said that for a long tme St. Lucia under-19 cricket team has never won a double header, and this year they did so in flying colours. He attributed this victory to the fact that Choiseul had seven players on the St. Lucia side.
 Bravo, to the efforts of Bousquet who continue to provide gear to as many teams as possile within the community.


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