Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recreational Fun day

The scenic Sabweesha Beach Park provided the venue for the inaugural hosting of the Choiseul Recreational Fun Day. On August 1st, Emancipation Day, the Choiseul Youth & Sports Council in collaboration with the Choiseul Centre of Excellence began proceedings with a health walk which commenced at Reunion, proceeded through to Victoria, continued through to Ravineau; then to Delcer and finally culminated at Sabweesha. There the participants scrumptiously enjoyed an assortment of recreational activities such as lime and spoon, tug O war, bun-eating, volley-ball, football, balloon-games, treasure hunting and aerobics. Everyone boasted the event as it provided a setting for families, clubs, and groups; to pleasurably interact as one community, while promoting recreation, health and fitness.
The support provided by Lucosade and the Parliamentary Representative Hon. Rufus Bousquet, was imperative to the success of the event, as participants were well clad with an event T-Shirt and were rewarded with incentives for participation. Recreational Fun Day Part two, promises to be an even more thrilling and entertaining spectacle.

Written by Jonathan Chalon

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