Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bousquet Presents Computers

On a typical Saturday morning in the Choiseul Village, many passersby stopped at the market square to witness the presentation ceremony, where Mr. Rufus G. Bousquet, the Parliamentary/District Representaive, would be presenting five Laptops with printers to the top five students of the top five schools in his constituency.

Master of ceremony, Mc Arthur Phillip, District Community Officer started the ceremony with a short remark recognizing the officials, parents , teachers and the gathering. The welcome remarks was delivered by a representative of the Village Council,Mr. Gilbert Issaac.

The District Education Officer for District 7, Mr Mathurin congratulated the students and cautioned them about peer preassure in these time. He went on to shower praise on the district Representative for continuing to play such an important role in the lives of children in the district.

"Student of the year" from the Choiseul Secondary School,Ms. Hannah Felix , the guest speaker, had words of wisdom to the five students, Firstly she told them , "I would briefly like to commend you all on a job well done. I am sure that you have made yourself, previous school and family very proud. You are here today because of your excellent performance in the Common Entrance Examination. It is said that “Nothing succeeds like success” and if there is any truth in the adage then your achievement today is only just the beginning of better things to come. Having tasted success so early, I am sure you are truly motivated to try even harder in your future endeavors". She went on to say, "What you should guard against is complacency, no matter how well you have done; there is always room for improvement. Continue to challenge yourselves until you reach the pinnacle of success. As you get ready to enter a secondary school you must remain focused. Never allow yourself to be led astray by negativities. Don’t fall prey to negative peer pressure, laziness and lack of determination.

Mr. Bousquet, in his short remarks before presenting the students with their Laptop and printer, encouraged them to make full use of this technological age. "There is nothing in the world that you want to find out about that cannot be found on the internet." he said. Bousquet went on to inform the audience that very soon anyone with a laptop can virtually access the net from any location. He said that his government is working steadfastly on this. He thought that the student from Saltibus, although she did not qualify to get a laptop and printer will be rewarded for her efforts. At a special ceremony Simeon will be presented with a laptop and printer.This met with a loud applause.

The students, Stephie De Fraites, Lyndia James,Taquel Lewis, Jordan Mitchel and Johnny Edward each recieved a laptop and printer. A great reward for their efforts.

Bousquet, taking Choiseul to higher grounds.

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