Monday, August 31, 2009

Choiseul Village Court to get Lights

Work is presently underway at the Village Multipurpose court. Four flood lamps are being erected and installed.
The court was built by the Village Council earlier this year. The Rep. has now taken the initiative to bring the court up a notch. He wants the youth in the village and nearby environs to utilise the playing facility at nights.
He is of the view that some persons who are at work hardly have time afterwork to "take a sweat" but now with the lights this can be done on evenings at their convenience.
Recently lights were installed on the court in La Fargue and the sports boys and girls are making full use of the facility during nightime.
Plans are presently being put in pace to upgrade the Mongouge Court.
Bousquet, giving Sports in the district a BOOST.

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