Monday, August 31, 2009

Bousquet Issues Warning To His Constituents

The District Representative, after being briefed by government officials has decided to warn his constituents about an internet scam whereby jobs oppurtunities are offered overseas. This he says is a scam intended to extort monies from job seekers Mr. Bousquet is aware that CXC results are out and that's the time when the young folks seek work.. He warns, "DON'T GO THERE!"
Here are the full details:
The Ministry of Labour, Information and Broadcasting wishes to alert the general public of an internet scam involving mass circulation of emails containing false job opportunities, particularly in the hospitality industry.
The emails claim that many employment opportunities are available in the USA and Canada at some of the major hotel chains; the Omni Hotels chain is prominently featured. Email recipients are urged to disclose their personal information and to pay US$195.00 for an Entrance Approval Certificate and work permit which would guarantee them entry and employment in the respective countries.
The ministry has conducted its investigations and has also ascertained that these job offers are scams aimed at extorting money from vulnerable job seekers. This information is to safeguard potentially misguided Saint Lucians from falling victim to the scams.

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