Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bousquet Back in Foreign Affairs

When The United Workers Party took office in 2006 Bousquet was given the Ministry responsible for Foreign Affairs, International Investment, Information and Broadcasting. Durin g his appointment to the post , The Hon. Prime Minister John Compton remarked "No man is an island – no man stands alone. So to with countries, especially small countries. We must therefore keep those friends we have and grapple them to our hearts with hoops of steel. This is the task given to Mr. Rufus Bousquet, the member for Choiseul/Saltibus. His task is not only to keep those friends we have but to expand the circle bearing in mind always that the interest of St Lucia and St Lucians is paramount. The subject of International Financial Services is not new to him because it is Rufus who first introduced this when he served as Minster responsible for the NDC in 1995. He will keep the public informed of the activities of the Government as Minister for Information and Broadcasting". Due for reasons not clear to this moment, Rufus was relieved of this Ministry.

A few months later Mr. Bousquet was reinstated to hold the Ministry of Trade, Commerce. Investments and the NDC. Reliable sources has it that Bousquet performed superbly during his tenure.

Now its time to get on the international arena. He will now hold the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Intenational Trade and will keep the porfolios of Investments and NDC.

The Choisel/Saltibus constituents wishes their Rep. all the best in this job taking into consideration these challenging world economies.

Bousquet will once again meet his colleagues to chart the way forward for St. Lucia.


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