Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tragedy Hits Choiseul

At a fatal motor vehicular accident which took place on the Choiseul-Rivere Doree Highway, three of the persons plus the driver travelling on a car were all killed. Two of the pasengers and the female driver were killed instantly as the car flipped over on its back and trapped them inside. The other passenger died on the way to hospital.
Reports have it that the two vehicles were travelling in opposite directions when the driver of a jeep tried overtaking a number of cars when he found that he did one too many and slammed head on into the approaching car. Residents in the ares said they really thought that it was a bomb the was detonated in the ared after hearing that impact.

The driver of the jeep suffered a broken leg while his female companion suffered minor scratches.


Anonymous said...

That is really sad. The driver of the jeep should be charged for not following safety driving rules. To take away the lives of 4 young people who had their whole lives ahead of them just because he couldn't drive behind the other vehicles or to wait a few minutes longer to get to wherever he was such in a rush to get to is an outrage! He still has his life while 4 young ones never got to really live theirs!!!! Its really sad!!!

Terry said...

When will we learn? some of our drivers are too reckless and arrogant with little regard for their own or public safety

If this report is accurate than I hope the driver of the jeep goes down for manslaughter.

A hard, sad story which I felt the editor excercised sensitivity and did well to capture the gravity of the situation without turning it into a gore-fest as seen in other photos making the rounds.

Anonymous said...

miss supprise
i think its time that we st.lucians come together and put all our differences apart.time has come for the good god has started to show us a lesson,that we are pilgrims on that earth ,let come together and pray for our country people ans stop nagging at each oter.

Anonymous said...

lets just accept the fact that the rep has been working tirelessly for choiseu/SALTIBUS .lets continue to give him the support so he can finish his work .BRAVO to him CAN TOUCH YOU MAN.T