Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Tragedy, Again?

A group of students of the Choiseul Secondary School decided to spend their Independence Day Rally at a friend's home ,cooking, studying and of course doing what youngsters do when they congregate.

Whatever happened at about 12:30 pm that had them decide to go to the beach, no one may ever know.

The day had been very windy with gusts up to 40 mph.

The students arrived at the beach and decided to go to the Anse Tou lou Lou beach - a beach with very choppy waters and high surfs. Inspite of the disapproval of this beach by some of the students, they were persuaded to go with the crowd. (peer pressure? )

Reports reaching me indicates that upon arrival at the said beach the students played on the beach for about 45 minutes before venturing into the water. Another 45 minutes was spent in the water when the sea according to the children "started getting rough" They all left the water except Nickel and Dervone.

Dervone left the water leaving Nickel alone who was then showing of his braveness. It was not long afterwards when Nickel got into trouble and started shouting for help "Help, fellows help me I'm drowning." was his distress call. Mallus was the first to leave the shore, plunge into the water to help the distressed Nickel. Mallus got injured on a rock in the water and had to return to the shore and it was then that the ill-fated Dervorne went to save Nickel. But a wave carried Nicket to the shore line and Dervorne disappeared beneath that wave. But no one was aware of Dervone's absence since the the whole attention was on pulling Nickel out of the water.

It was only after they had secured Nickel on the beach that reality struck in and they realised that Dervone was missing. Panic ripped through everyone .

Earlier on many of the students had fled the scene when they thought that Nickel might have drowned so they were of the opinion that Dervorne may have fled the scene as well.

By then people started flooding the beach and the uncertainty grew even greater.

It was the next day that divers found the body of Dervone among the rocks not far from where he entered the water. Dervone died a hero trying to save a friend. What a tragedy, again?
Look out for "Dervone's (Boss) History In Pictures"soon.

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