Saturday, January 31, 2009

Person of the Year (cont'D)

Only a warped sensibility would discern in Rufus Bousquet a man without sin. Indeed, he would be among the first to admit he has fallen to temptation more often than was good for him. That alone makes him different from many of us who see sin only in others, never in the man (or woman) in the mirror. Still crazy (like a fox!) after all these years, Rufus Bousquet, perhaps more than most, is cognizant of man’s frailties. Unlike many of his critics, he has learned to forgive so that others might appreciate the virtues in forgiveness. It is unlikely you will ever hear the 50-year-old veteran politician brutalizing the character of another politician.
Hear him well, his parliamentary addresses tend to relate to issues, home grown and imported, whether or not contagious. While many of his House colleagues indulged in contumelious exchanges at the last budget debate, much of what Bousquet said predicted the fallout from the so-called economic meltdown that is now the world’s primary topic. Bousquet is an ideas man, articulate, forward looking, absolutely at home in the Era of Obama. This time around, we at the STAR could find no one more deserving of our Person of the Year award!
By Rick Wayne

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