Saturday, June 29, 2013

Matthew "Wax" Stephen - Top Gomier Boat Race Champion

Today marks Fishermen's Feast around the country. Many coastal villages will see the fishers attending mass, then a ceremony at their fisheries complex, and of course the rum drinking and fetting that will follow after.
In Choiseul things will be no different except that an icon fisherman, Matthew "Wax" Stephen will be presented a trophy and cash for his latest victory in the inter-district "gomier boat race" locally named "Koos Kanot" which was held in Laborie.
Wax boasts of the formidable team which helped win the last race. namely, Gregory bugs Theodore, Webby Alcee, Hendrickson Alcee, Felix Epiphane, and one St Romain.     Wax has been involved in this inter-district boat racing competition for twenty-five years he says. He has won the competition twenty-three times and has been on a wining stretch for over ten years.
When asked about the history of thie race, he was oblivious and simly answered he met it ongoing. Many elderly citizens attest to the fact that this boat racing was never an inter-district thing but merely a local event which  was organized between the Village and La Pointe fishers and so on. It was an event held mostly on Saturday evenings and it eventually ended up in the December 13th National Day activities. Sometimes the activity was held when two rival teams boasted of their strength and backed this up  with cash. It used to be a big thing on weekends in the Village.
Wax's team has beaten every single Village team on the west and east coast. the prize money started from $300.00 to a whoopng $1000.00 now. some persons having asking the sixty plus year old to retired from the sport. Jouk Bois in his usual morning program called upon Wax to retired least some "little boy" take the crown from him. When the question was put to wax he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "La porkor nee nom poo bat mwen. Mwe ke mapipee ah."
According to Wax, later today he will be presented with a trophy named "Kenny Anthony Trophy" and a cash prize of about $1000.00 or more. this icon has kept the name of Choiseul alive in this cultural event for a long time now. When he's gone who will take up the mantle? Inquiring minds want to know.

                  Bon Fete PaiCher Choiseul

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