Friday, June 28, 2013

Athill Organizes Kiddy's Cricket Extravaganza

On Friday June 28,2013 physical  education teacher Mrs. Janice Athill organized a cricket extravaganza on the Roblot Combined playing , where  grade 6 students from the Etangs, Reunion and Roblot Primary Schools got an opportunity to display their cricketing skills.
 The activity got underway at about 10:30 am. The students both boys and girls expressed their skills in bowling, batting and fielding. keeping scores  each team's performance was former NYC President, now teacher at the Reunion Combined was Jonathan Chalon.
Below is a statement by Mrs Athill on the purpose of this activity." ..........Today we are here at the Roblot Combined school, where we have a mini cricket competition, taking place among three schools, namely Roblot Combined, Etangs Combined and Reunion Primary. The competition is happening just around the time when Scotia bank has organized its Kiddy Cricket Competition among Primary Schools in St Lucia.
Right now  Delcer and Piaye Combined are playing the finals at the La Fargue Playing Field. So basically the three schools here today are just showcasing their Kiddy Cricket Skills and what they learnt during the physical education classes. It's a friendly competition and most of the kids from  the grade 6 classes. As you may know, they are just finished writing their common entrance examinations, so as the PE teacher of Roblot Combined and Reunion Primary, I thought of organizing to keep them occupied. Etangs Combined just came onboard under the supervision of  Mr Jonathan Chalon.
 It's an opportunity for the children interact with each other, to socialize and have fun and this is just what they are doing."
The program is useful as it is at this level that the potential  top class cricketer are identified and nurtured. As a former National Cricket player I closely observed  the kids during this activity and was able to discover two boys and a girl with exceptional talent. It will be interesting to see how the program take these kids to a higher level.

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