Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Labour's New Headache?

   Since the announcement by Chastanet, that he will be vying for the position of Party Leader, there has evolved a new interest in the internal affairs of the UWP by the SLP. one would have thought that the deliberate announcement of the report on the activities of the Town, Village and Rural Councils, at this year's Budget Debate would have satisfied the SLP that sufficient damage is done to UWP by  this report and thus no need to worry about these guys. "They finish." SlP would have thought. This however does not seem to be the case. "Let's go after Chastanet." is their new thinking now.

One would remember that the relentless pressure on the last administration from day one in office by the Labour Party, coupled with the impossible promises made to St Lucians during the campaign, surely played a big role in bringing  down the UWP regime. The Labour Party is well known for its strategic political maneuverings. They, having the gut feeling that Chastanet may very well win the leadership of the Party, they have started a campaign, accusing Chastanet of using the Soufriere Council's funds for his last campaign. The Labour Party is basing their arguments on the recent review of the Councils. How myopic can they be just singling out just this one guy? have they got no patience to hand the matter over to the police or DPP/ why Chastanet and not Tucker, or Eziekel, or Spider, or Frederick? No, it must be Chastanet. the man that is sure to give them a run for their money.

A good friend of mine who also writes a blog stated, "If the claim that Kenny is outgoing is true, then the politics of St. Lucia will be wide open with a permutation of possibilities which might favour the UWP;........."  Gospel truth!

Is this the reason why Labour is so on edge as to whether Chastanet will win the leadership of the UWP, come the Convention in July?
It is alleged that Kenny may be selected to the post of President of the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice) soon. It leaves one to speculate the Jn Pierre, not Jadia to be the Prime minister once Kenny goes. There may also be some wrangling within the SLP ranks, since it was also alleded that the Dr. favoured Hilaire for his replacement. Rumors also have it the PIP remarked, "Not over my dead body." Bravo my boy! Remember Compy brought in the backslider, Bounty, to be PM over Lansi. History about to repeat itself?
So my dear reader, this is the headache that the Labour faces. Ti Pwan Toot will whip Pip's butt any day anytime, and SLP knows it.
Therefore, there must be an all out campaign to destroy Chastanet just to give Labour a chance at the next polls. This is only the start. mark my word; you will hear much more.

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