Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Will Chastnet be UWP's new leader?

UWPs islandwide are busy putting their Constituency Branches in order before the Convention which is due sometime around July this year. This is a formality which seem to only matter to the Party whenever some convention is due. Remember that same process just befor the last one which was held in Canaries? These elections of executives per branch is necessary to effect the selection of delegates who will have the authority to vote in or out persons for the General Executive.
Last weekend both Choiseul and Babonneau elected their executives. Bravo to the Choiseul Branch for electing a seasoned past politcian and political analyst, in the person of Brian Charles to the team. He, this blog is sure will provide the proper direction and leadership so often lacking in the political circles locally.
At that convention, thiis blog understands that major positions on the Part's executive will be filled, including that of the political leader. Chastnet and Montoute have given wind that they will contest the position. Rigobert has categorically denied that she will throw her hat in the ring. Presently King is the political leader and leader of the opposition in parliament.
Chastnet has been getting lots of support from within the party as well as outside. Many seem to think that he will make a good leader, though Frederick refutes this condemning Chastnet's largese with money. This blog was taken aback by Fredo's comments. Is he bent on dividing the party even more, when this is the time when unity should be the key word here? Where is Fredo's concept of democracy? Is there something that he Fredo is scared of if Chastnet becomes leader? This blog thinks that Fredo was really out of place to spill his guts out like this to Tv land. All the other party members that were interviewed were more level-headed than Fredo. But Arsene made a very good point, "You (Chastnet) have to win your seat to become leader." ( By the way will Arsene hand over his seat to Allen? But wait isn't Sarah looking at that seat as well?) Turbulent times seem on the horizon for the party.
Montoute's bid to my mind is more academic than anything else. But one must remember that Compy bypassed him to give the leadership to King. Now he faces the people to tell him whether they want him to lead the party or not.
King the present leader and past PM has gotten sticks from every single member of his cabinet while in government, Bruce Tucker being the most vocal. It was rumored that Bruce and Fredo had King by the balls. King is a very conservative leader and could effect the necessary changes needed to put this country on track PROVIDED he has a good team.
At the convention delegates must be wary of their executive who may try to influence their votes. During the upcoming months one should see an increase I campaigning by the candidates for leader of the party.
In closing, while a couple of Government Ministers seem to make a mockery of Chastnet's bid for the leadership of UWP, not far off on the horizon will be their nightmare and confusion when the election of a successor to Kenny will be on the cards. Filmed at 11!
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