Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fw: Another Delcer Fiasco in the making?

Dedan Christiani Griffith Jn Baptiste

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Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 12:25:01
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Subject: Another Delcer Fiasco in the making?

The membership of the Choiseul Credit Co-op have continuously been taken for rides by successive Boards of Directors during their tenure. Vigilant members will recall the fiasco which a past Board of Directors metted out to the institution - lands were bought from the late Cecil Frank to be resold to persons who already had been living on this property for ages. That Board of Directors, sorry, Board of Di-wreckers, took $161,385 of our money to put into this project which up to now has no value to the Union.
But hear this, on page 13 of the 2012 financial statements it reads, " The land at Industry, Choiseul was purchased on behalf of persons currently occupying it. It is the intention of the Co-operative to resell it to them, as soon as subdivision, demarcation and titling exercise is complete." Bs. This will never happen since no access road can be cut on the property. It's like a freeness these industry people get. To confirm this, this present Board states " ..., the Delcer lands cannot be sold since there is no road access to the property.All efforts made thus far proved futile." Question. What prompted that Board of Di-wreckers to get into this project? Did they not see the potential problem in demarcting the property? Was there a cut to be had? Inquring membership minds want to know.
And now, here comes this present Board with another project. In the Board of Director's 2012 report under projects page 3, the President makes reference to buying a property opposite the building presently housing the Soufriere Branch. The president went on, ".....The Board of Directors have decided to purchase a property in Soufriere with a vacant lot and two(2) storeys........"
How much of our money will be thrown towards this project? Did they consult the general membership on this matter? Will this deal be synonymous with the Daher Building? How much will it cost to rennovate this building? Who negotiated the price? Were all these questions addressed with the general membership?
It seems that a certain culture is gradually emerging amongst our successive Board of Directors, that the. Co-op belongs to them. This is far from the truth.
In this hard economic times successive Board of Directors must be prudent with the finances of members placed under their control.
It would be wise if this present board call a meeting to explain every detail of this Soufriere deal to the last cent. Inquiring membership minds want to know. Let not the Delcer project repeat itself least we call this present Board " a band of wreckers."
Dedan Christiani Griffith Jn Baptiste

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