Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From politician to contractor?

Regargless how secretive Labour tries to take care of their surrogates, the truth always comes to light. For sometime now, obervant constitutuents of I5 have been noticing the frequent trips of a certain ex-politician in the area. Common sense would drive one to believe that these are not campaigning trips. This politician on every single trip it is alleged, has visited the supervisor of the step program for this political division.
The purpose of these visits only surfaced recently. It is alleged that the supervisor has been given the go ahead by this ex-politician, to identify workers for projects which the latter has been awarded by his comrades.
1. The first project was the construction of box drains from the Devil's Bridge junction going towards the bridge - completed. 2. The next project, which is ongoing is the construction of approximately 100m drive-way in Debreuil, and the most recent one is a backstreet retaining wall at "Lawee Derriere" in Roblot.
What makes all of these project suspicious is the fact that nobody makes a move but materials are delivered by persons of unknown origin.
To make a simple analogy it is just like the slave plantation where we had the absentee owner. So in this case we have an "absentee contractor"
Pay packets are sent via a courier to be delivered to the person incharge to the individual workers. On the completion of the job the "absentee contractor" collects his cut and is no more. Sleek, isn't it?
But what concerns this blog apart from the cocomackery invloved, is the quality of work being produced. There has not been one supervisor from any government department to see that these project are being constructed to safety standards.
Correct mixture, sufficient steel, proper foundation are all areas that need expert direction.
So that's that all the foolishness going on in the district which this government does to support their surrogates.
En Rouge.
Dedan Christiani Griffith Jn Baptiste

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Anonymous said...

You should give details.

1. That politician ran for PLP in 1982 and lost to Brian Charles.(Incidentally, Brian Charles was also a contractor and there are still unfinished contracts in his name);

2. That politician was candidate in the SLP run-off but was rejected by the constituency group in favour of Ephraim Edgar;

3. That politician degraded Lorne Theophilus calling him all sorts of names (including the name with the Big R) when Lorne Theophilus was chosen as the SLP candidate; but when he saw Lorne Theophilus would win he jumped on board;

4. That politician has also brought on board with him a former Chairman of the SLP constituency group as his deputy.

Too much politics in the constituency.