Friday, February 08, 2013

I Traded

Picked up this piece from a close friend of mine who is overs making a life for himself. A very positive and down to earth person. This is what he penned just over nine hours ago.
"I traded
I traded warm sunshine for sometimes blistering cold.
I traded an incessant supply of vitamin D for Jamieson.
I traded the safety and comfort of home for a life of immediate uncertainty.
I traded the first job I ever knew for the hardest one I ever had.
I traded my tank tops for sweaters.
I traded crickets and toads serenading me to sleep for snow ploughs and sirens (I swear I hear the crickets sometimes)
I traded seeing my children as often as I wanted for Google video chats and occasional visits.
I traded going to Granny's when I'm stressed to chillin' inside on my own.
I traded neighbors who cared for those who couldn't be bothered.
I traded my all so effective and free bush tea for $56 Cold Fx.

The list goes on.... but...

I also traded a job that was frustrating me for a career in Civil Engineering.
I also traded chippin' in at home for the responsibility of being a man.
I also traded my mother's apron strings for a family of my own.
I also traded occasional trips to Castries for concerts in Montreal, NASCAR in Michigan, shopping in New York and weekends at the Lake.
I also traded a gossiping community for one that has no time to mind my business.
I also traded downing drinks everyday of the week for Saturday hang-outs (sometimes Friday too).
I also traded Political victimization for 'who gives a rat's arse which party you support'.
I also traded 'what you have in dat bag dere?' at Hewanorra for 'welcome home' at Pearson.
I traded a lot I know.
Am I happy? Well that's relative.
Am I content? Hell yeah!
Am I better off? Hell yeah!!
Would I do it again? Hell to the yeah!!!
So to all my brothers and sisters who traded one way or the other, I say soldier on and keep making us proud.
To all those my trades did not affect positively, I apologize!"
Think your stock may worth millions on the stock market. Lol.

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