Thursday, May 03, 2012

Labour Cuts Livelihood of Gros Piton Tours Workers

I have always had a problem with the Modus Operandi of some SLP top officials whenever they get into power. Whereas they cried while in opposition about VICTIMISATION, they continue in the same vein which they accused the previous administration of.  It seems to be cancerous within them. In spite of other accusations against Rufus no one in the constituency can dare point a finger at him for victimisation. This was literally non-existent in Choiseul/Saltibus.
I recall clearly how some UWP supporters in the constituency approached Rufus after his victory in 2006 with a list of certain government workers in the constituency whom they think should be replaced. It had to do mainly with Post office and library workers as well as security guards. Your humble servant, carrying a little weight at that time vehemently opposed those self-serving hacks. I maintained that no one is to be touched, and furthermore that these persons whom they want to send home have  a family and mouths to feed. (Probably that’s why they wanted me out of the office) I am a defender of justice and that why I will continue to write about ills which harm persons, especially in this constituency.
Now, back to victimisation. One would be very familiar with the “Piton Trail” management team who conducts the operation whereby one can access the Gros Piton – affectionately coined Gro Piton Tour. (A sign board can be viewed opposite the Police station). The group of workers are managed by Jimmy Haynes – 26 tour guides, 2 office administrators, 2 janitors, and 4 trail maintenance workers. Last weekend Haynes got a letter from the Commissioner of Crown Lands asking him to cease all operations pertaining to the Gros Piton Tours. This operation has been running for eight (8)years now and residents in the area who are employed are earning a living.  Prior to Jimmy’s operation of the “Trail”  it was managed  by  some “Tour Guide Association “ which fell apart between about 2003 and 2004 or there about.
There are questions which need to be answered. Who directed the Commissioner to send this letter to Jimmy Haynes? Is Jimmy Haynes the target because of his political affiliation? Did the Rep for Soufriere have a hand in all this? During the debate on the Estimates of Expenditure, one would recall Dalson taking a swipe at an individual he claims runs the Piton Trail. Though not calling the person by name, it was crystal clear whom he was attacking. Hiding behind the immunity of the House he made numerous allegations about that person.
Dalson’s relationship with Haynes has not been the best especially during the tenure of the UWP Government and of course Haynes’ involvement at the Soufriere Foundation. It had been rumoured that Dalson had vowed to come after Jimmy once SLP won the elections.  This is cheap political revenge at the expense of thirty-four workers who have a family to take care of.
Presently the workers have taken a stand to bar anyone from accessing the Piton Trail. Haynes is due to meet with the relevant authorities later today, while the workers of the Gros Piton Tours hold steadfast to their position. Jimmy Haynes has promised to give this blog an update soon.
Remember its “FOND JENS LIBRE”.  (The Valley of Free People).  

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