Saturday, May 05, 2012

Labour Code - Enactment by August 1, 2012?

  1. With the implementation of VAT by September 1, 2012,  Kenny's administration has seen wisdom in enacting the Labour Code one month before VAT starts taking its bite. Many persons are not aware that the Labour code has been passed in the House since last yearto be exact. 
    The labour and industrial climate here in Saint Lucia is expected to improve significantly now that the much awaited Labour Code has been passed by the nation's lawmakers.
    In presenting the Labour Code Amendment Bill in Parliament on Tuesday February 15 2011, Saint Lucia`s Labour Minister Honourable Edmund Estaphane says the amended Labour Code is designed to facilitate a level playing field between employees and employers.
    “The purpose of the Labour Code is to bring about the necessary legislation relating to labour and industrial relations in Saint Lucia in a consolidated way that is sensitive to existing local practices, without compromising existing International Labour Standards.”
    The minister says the amended Labour Code stipulates workers' rights and responsibilities and that of their employers.
    “We are a responsible government, we promised the people of Saint Lucia that we would revisit the Labour Code and we have done just that.
    “We chose to review the code not because it was convenient and easy but because it was the responsible thing to do. By doing so this government listened to the voices of the people and provided the opportunity for trade unions, employers and the general public to further examine those contentious provisions of the Labour Code so that issues could have been settled amicably.”
    Now that the Parliament has approved the amendments to the Labor Code the document will be forwarded to the Upper Chamber of the House of Assembly for debate and discussion by Senators.
    Once the Senate has ratified the amendments the Labour Code, it will be presented to the island`s Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, to affix her signature to make the code law.
    The Labour Code was initiated in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation, (ILO).

    The complete document can be perused at

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