Sunday, May 06, 2012

Choiseul Jazz - Still a Dream

       St. Lucians this year are celebrating twenty-one years of Jazz on this island. Though the genre of music changes continuously every year, Lucians both here and abroad as well as thousands of visitors to the island still flock the various venues where the event is staged.
This week persons in the south were graced with Jazz in Laborie, Jazz at the Vieux Fort Square and today it will be Jazz at Coconut Bay. Reports suggest that the events were well attended inspite of the inclement weather during Laborie's event.
Then there was jazz in Soufriere yesterday and Canaries to have theirs soon. Yes Canaries Jazz! Stretch your imagination a bit and take this trip with me. Vieux Fort has a outdated fenced area called a square - jazz, Laborie has Rudy John Park - jazz, Choiseul has the renouned Sab Wisha Park and Reunion Park - no jazz, Soufriere has The Waterfront - jazz, Canaries has ? - jazz. Canaries got their request because Pep made a case for his people. (Couldn't Lorne do the same?)
Throughout these twenty-one years Choiseul has never been blessed to host a Jazz event save two sessions at Balembouche which historically is in the Laborie district.
What is wrong with our so called elite thinkers/organisors in our constituency? Where is the Carnival committee as well as the Community Development Officer? Where's corporate Choiseul? Where is the Rep? Where is the Village Council? Where is the political Choiseul Development Foundation?( Apparently the members seem to have vapourised,now that Rufus is no more) Something seems to be hindering interested persons to come forward and bring jazz to Choiseul.
One would have expected that our Rep who is very much involved in jazz as the Minister of Tourism to have taken a stand like Pep did to grace his constituents with a taste of Jazz which he makes so much of a fuss over in the media.
While we all speculate about when will we or our children be offered the opporutnity to witness a live jazz band at Sab Wisha or even at Reunion, we will just have to continue to dream while our Rep doesn't care a damn.
Choiseul needs leadership and that's why the constituents voted for Lorne. He as Tourism Minister, responsible for Jazz should have seen it fit to rally his crew down here to look into the possibilty of bringing Jazz to Choiseul. Of course he would push it. Disappointment number 1.
Trust me, there will be many more for the Choiseul people.

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Anonymous said...

Dedan, I am very enthusiastic about Jazz in Choiseul too. However, with events of this magnitude, there must be careful planning and all structures must be in place. If you listened carefully to the news item on Canaries Jazz, the coordinator lamented that finally Jazz came to Canaries after years of negotiation. It was not something which happened overnight.
Why wasn't Jazz brought to Choiseul during Rufus's tenure? Where were all the groups and organisations you mentioned during this time. Did they vaporize at that time too? I can assure you that we are not dissappointed that we had no Jazz because our Rep does not do things harphazardly like his predecessor. Jazz will come at the right time. Give the Rep time to undertake his projects for the community. Now the shoe is on the other foot, you are so quick to judge. Where is the mini stadium we were promised. Did the idea vaporise too? The Mongouge community centre which has too many flaws to mention, the initial design what happened , did the idea vaporise too ?
Be patient Dedan, Choiseul will be transformed by the grace of God and all of your mouths will shut one by one.