Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Choiseul Village Council making great strides

Over the past years the Choiseul Village Council has gotten involved in many community projects,thus complementing the efforts of the District Rep. Although the councilors are yet to be sworn-in for this year's tenure, work is already in progress.
 A drain was recently constructed in the River Doree area and a small bridge in the Daretin community. The Dacretin pr0ject  actually removed  some residents from having to wade through a ravine to get to their home. Could you imagine what these people had to go through when it rains?
 Last year the Council completed many projects: One of them, a one hundred and fifty metres footpath in Le Riche. The pics show the Chairperson and Clerk visiting the completed projects for this year so far.
The Council is chaired by Elmira Joseph (Mrs) and the clerk is the hard working Williana St. Rose (Mrs).
 Look out for a documentry on the Council soon.

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