Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Choiseul born is now St. Lucia's Top Cop

Commissioner of Police Ausbert Regis has been replaced as the nation’s top cop.

Prime Minister Stephenson King dropped the bomb on the tail end of an address to the nation on Sunday outlining a number of government initiatives to tackle the nation’s mounting crime.

The Commissioner has been transferred to the position of Director of Special Initiatives in the PM’s office, and Assistant Commissioner of Police Vernon Francois is now acting Commissioner of Police.
These are just two of what the prime Minister says will be sweeping changes to the force

“Mr. Ausbert Regis has been transferred from the position of Commissioner of Police to the position of Director of Special Initiatives, Office of the Prime Minister; Mr. Vernon Francois; Assistant Commissioner of Police, has been appointed to act in the position of Commissioner of Police, effective Thursday 27th May 2010; Mr. Moses Charles; Assistant Commissioner of Police, appointed to act as Deputy Commissioner of Police, with responsibilities for Administration, effective 27th May 2010; Mr. Pancras Albert; Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, appointed to act in the second position of Deputy Commissioner of Police with responsibilities for operations, effective 27th May 2010. As a result of these changes, a number of changes will be made through the rank and file of the Police Force, all of which will be gazetted in the Saint Lucia Gazette,” he said.

Prime Minister King outlined ten initiatives that the government was undertaking or planning to launch in response to a spike in daring and violent crimes over the last few weeks that have left a trail of bodies and misery, along with demands for action from the government.
The initiatives announced by the Prime Minister in response, range from the establishment of a cabinet committee on crime, to pumping additional funds into the police force.
“The Cabinet Task Force shall engage all social and economic partners including political organizations as part of the national strategy to address the crime issue. Cabinet approved a Patrol Strategy prepared for immediate implementation by the leadership of the Royal Saint Lucia Police force. This plan will include 24 hour surveillance and patrol of troubled areas or hot spots and the police will be provided with the appropriate assets to facilitate this and associated preventative activities.

The immediate re-organisation of the Police Force in order to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and mobility, including the re-introduction of the Cadetship programme to facilitate succession planning. I will say more on this re-organisation later,” the Prime Minister said

The minister of finance has been advised to accelerate the disbursement the approved allocation of funds for the HOPE programme with a view to providing social and vocational skills and employment opportunities in the short medium and long term.

In addition the Prime Minister has also requested that a number of local private sector organizations as well a friendly foreign governments partner with the government to find solutions to the island’s crime problem.
In the photo the top cop is second from left.

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