Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bousquet sponsors 20/20 cricket

On Wednesday May 11, 2010, the Parliamentary Representative, Mr. Rufus Bousquet presented a cheque of ten thousand dollars ($10,000,00) to the president of the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council,Davidson Lionel, towards the 20/20 cricket tournament dubbed Bousquet 20/20 Tournament.
 The presentation ceremony was attened by the clubs and teams taking part in this competition which officially commenced last Sunday at both the La-Fargue and Piaye playing fields.
During his remarks Bousquet urged the teams to demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and also asked the Council to give a prize to the most discipline player. He officially made it known that a mini stadium will soon be constructed at the La Fargue playing and said this will be the Mecca of cricket in the district.
Bousquet have made a number of gear donations to teams across the constituency. At Wednesday's ceremony four more teams received a complete set of gear. The teams, Piaye,Industry,Morne Jacques and Gia Bois were the recipients.
 It is the Rep's dream to see that the youths are engaged in sports and to uplift the standard of the game. At a recent presentation ceremony at Morne Sion, it was mentioned by Mac Arthur Phillip,that in 1993 Bousquet said that when Choiseul's cricket is strong St. Lucia's cricket will also be stong. His donation of gear to almost every team has surely brought the game to another level. On the St. Lucia U-19 team this year Choiseul had seven (7) players on the team, and the St. Lucia team won the Windward Island Tournament. Bousquet's prediction came true.
Bousquet has vowed to get playing fields in many of the communities, but explained that the topography of the district  makes it difficult. The Jetrine and Delcer playing fields will be given priority in the coming months.
Surely, Choiseul cricket has come a long way.

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