Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sportsman,Fireman and Enterpreneur

It was only yesterday September 13, 2009, when I happen to bump into Faustinus "Guillet" Duval, his wife, Raymona Duval and brother Tracy Duval. What a click! It is no coincidence that both Faustinus and Tracy used to be top sportsmen in the Choiseul possee.
Faustinus used to be the quickest bowler in Choiseul in the 80's, while a decade later Tracy, was the top footballer.. Boy oh boy there were no helmets you know and that boy was quick. Standing at first slip I used to admire that boy's run-up and delivery. Talking about Holding, "awah", that boy was smoother. Guillett flourished in his time but was plagued with ankle injuries.
During the same period he took up goalkeeping. It seems that whatever this guy took up he was destined to do great. A bird I tell you. Many great forwards tested his metal. Huggins "Neil" Nicholas was his nightmare. Many at times it was him ad a forward alone, and you wouldn't believe that the forward woulg not score. Class? More than that. Agility.
Duval is now a retired fireman and prosperous enterprenuer operating in Vieux Fort.
True greatness. Is he willing to pass this skills on to the present generation? Ask him.

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